A very warm welcome!

You’ll welcome the sense of community that makes Genesis Aircraft Service’s new home so special.

I’m delighted to welcome Genesis Aircraft Service to Central Park! You’re in great company as we’re already home to many amazing organisations – but there’s something else that makes the Park special…

We’re all in this together

We wanted to make Central Park different. So we created Live Work Grow, a unique initiative to spark a genuine community spirit.

To do this, we bring people with shared interests and passions together. We host gatherings that help encourage meeting, mixing and making new friendships. And we also aim to make the working day a little easier.

For example, Live Work Grow hosts lunchtime outdoor markets. We invite up-and-coming musicians to play min-concerts. We enable sports tournaments, barbeques, fitness and wellness events and much much more. And beyond the social side, our concierge services help remove some of life’s small stresses.

See for yourself

There are literally dozens of ways that Live Work Grow brings Central Park together. Here’s what’s currently going on – and if something you see grabs your interest, find out more by signing up to our community newsletter.



Lisa Geoghegan
Live Work Grow Programme Manager

Live Work Grow is here to ensure that Central Park isn’t just all about work. Getting the balance right between work and life is what we’re about – and we find ways to do this, all through the year…

Whether it’s Valentine’s Day rose giveaways, Pride parties, summer barbeques, Oktoberfest or Christmas carols, Live Work Grow hosts dozens of events, outings and after-work get-togethers.

We’ve a full calendar planned for the months to come. Check out what’s planned.

Tone up, burn calories and give your heart a work-out it’ll thank you for.

Right now, Live Work Grow offers access to everything including yoga, Brazilian jujitsu, pilates, and training that covers cardiovascular, HIIT, core strengthening and endurance. Whatever your age, current standard or eventual fitness goals, Live Work Grow has a class that’s right for you.

Achieving optimal wellness helps subdue stress, reduce risk of illness and ensure positive interactions with others. Understanding this, Live Work Grow now enables and encourages wellness and fitness via a range of classes and consultations which cover Reiki, Keneisiology and other therapies.

Need dry cleaning done? No problem. Have to order an early-morning taxi? We’re on it. Or just want to book on one of Live Work Grow’s free bikes? We’ll get it sorted.

The Live Work Grow concierge team can get what you need done with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of efficiency.

All the sports or social stuff not your thing? Then Live Work Grow has something for you too – an exclusive Rewards Discount Card with the Dundrum Town Centre.

Live Work Grow works because so many people across Central Park put so much into supporting it. Now it’s our turn to give something back…

Each month, everyone registered with Live Work Grow now has the chance to win a very special treat. So far, the fantastic prizes have included luxury overnight breaks, festival tickets and shopping vouchers – and there’s much more to come!

Food brings people together. That’s why a fantastic Food Market currently springs into life on the Building H plaza every Wednesday  and Friday from March to October at lunchtime.

Whatever your tastes, you’ll find something to lick your lips over.

Check out some of our passed events

Live Work Grow is about connecting people. So connect with us and keep up with what’s going on.