Central Park Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable for Central Park to and from the City Centre

D’Olier Street to Central Park

D’Olier Street07:0008:0008:15
St. Stephen Green East (Loreto College)07:0308:0308:18
Leeson Street Bridge07:0408:0408:19
Morehampton Road (Opp. Hamptom)07:0708:0708:22
Opposite Donnybrook Fire Station07:1008:1008:25
Donnybrook Church07:1208:1208:27
Stillorgan Road (Radisson Hotel)07:1508:1508:30
Brewery Road07:2008:2008:35
Central Park07:3008:3508:50

Central Park to Dawson Street

Central Park17:1517:4518:20
Brewery Road17:1817:4818:23
Stillorgan Road17:2017:5018:25
Radisson Hotel17:2217:5218:28
Donnybrook Church17:2617:5618:32
Morehampton Road17:2917:5918:35
Upper Leeson Street17:3218:0218:38
Leeson Street Bridge17:3418:0418:40
Merrion Row17:4518:1518:50

Blackrock to Central Park

Central Park07:2508:0508:50

Central Park to Blackrock

Central Park16:3017:0517:40

Note: Buses are for use of Central Park staff only