Central Park Bus Timetable

Bus Timetable for Central Park to and from the City Centre

D’Olier Street to Central Park

D’Olier Street07:0008:0008:15
St. Stephen Green East (Loreto College)07:0308:0308:18
Leeson Street Bridge07:0408:0408:19
Morehampton Road (Opp. Hamptom)07:0708:0708:22
Opposite Donnybrook Fire Station07:1008:1008:25
Donnybrook Church07:1208:1208:27
Stillorgan Road (Radisson Hotel)07:1508:1508:30
Brewery Road07:2008:2008:35
Central Park07:3008:3508:50

Central Park to Dawson Street

Central Park17:1517:4518:20
Brewery Road17:1817:4818:23
Stillorgan Road17:2017:5018:25
Radisson Hotel17:2217:5218:28
Donnybrook Church17:2617:5618:32
Morehampton Road17:2917:5918:35
Upper Leeson Street17:3218:0218:38
Leeson Street Bridge17:3418:0418:40
Merrion Row17:4518:1518:50

Blackrock to Central Park

Central Park07:2508:0508:50

Central Park to Blackrock

Central Park16:3017:0517:40

Note: Buses are for use of Central Park staff only

Bus Timetable for Central Park to and from the City Centre and Blackrock Operational From 01.10.2020

D’Olier Street to Central Park via Blackrock

D’Olier Street08:00
St Stephen Green East (Loreto College)08:03
Leeson Street Bridge08:04
Sussex Road (Double Tree Hotel)08:05
Opposite Donnybrook Fire Station08:07
Donnybrook Church08:12
Stillorgan Road (Radisson Hotel)08:15
Central Park08:50

Central Park to St Stephen’s Green via Blackrock

Central Park17:15
Brewery Road17:18
Stillorgan Road17:40
Donnybrook Church17:42
Morehampton Road17:45
Leeson St. Bridge17:50
Lower Leeson St.17:55
St Stephen’s Green18:00

Please also note that the 08:30 Blackrock pick-up is from outside The Wicked Wolf

Updates on the service can be obtained from Central Park Security on 01-2941369