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Do you want to speak and communicate more effectively to a group of people? Do you want to speak with confidence? Do you want to conquer your fear of public speaking?

Then VoiceMatters, a Toastmasters public speaking initiative, is what you need. VoiceMatters is a supportive & fun environment where you will learn & practice to be a better public speaker. You will:

Improve your Communication skills:

  • Learning techniques to make your speeches/presentations more effective
  • Connecting and Engaging with your audience
  • Develop your impromptu speaking ability

Improve your Leadership skills:

  • By chairing and co-ordinating meetings
  • Learning to critique, analyse and  giving constructive/supportive feedback in meetings
  • Learning to motivate and persuade members and audience.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience:

  • The meetings are informal and supportive, bringing fun and entertainment into the equation.
  • You will meet likeminded people who want to get the same results from VoiceMatters.

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